Hunger Strike For Cease Fire


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“This is not about me; this is about the two million Palestinians.”

Omar Abou Kareem

Palestinian Journalist on Hunger Strike

As a protest against the catastrophic humanitarian situation faced by his people, Palestinian journalist Omar Abou Karem El Aedi has just embarked on a hunger strike. He particularly denounces the genocide suffered by the population of Gaza, one of the most severe in human history. This situation is even more serious due to the distressing silence from leaders at both the Arab and global levels. Emphasizing the need to uphold human rights principles and the Geneva Convention, especially regarding the protection of civilians in times of war, Omar declares that he will continue his open-ended hunger strike until Belgian authorities agree to respond to a clear call for a ceasefire. The aim is to stop the bloodshed in Gaza and to push for the opening of all passages to allow the arrival of essential aid and services for human life.

Other activists in the world in Hunger Strike for Gaza

In the world, some people are now part of this campaign and starving for Palestine.  We relay theur fight here. If you know a local action, let us know!

–> Location: Bruxelles, Belgium

–> From 31.12.2023




–> Location: Neuchatel, Switzerland

–> From 12.12.2023



–> Location: Washington, United States

–> From 27.11.2023 for 5 days


Al Jazeera

–> Location: Bristol, UK

–> From 29.10.2023


Bristol Post

Middle East Eye

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