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One Million Voices for Ending the War and Upholding Palestinian Rights

We, citizen of the world, in response to the inaction of our respective governments and institutions, urgently call for attention to the dire humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza and the occupied territories in Palestine.

The ongoing violence, oppression, and disregard for human rights demand immediate international intervention. This petition aims to gather one million signatures worldwide to compel influential international entities, including the United Nations, European Union, and International Criminal Court..etc.

To take concrete actions toward putting an end to this war, hold those involved in war crimes accountable, and ensure the peace of the Palestinian population.

Uniting Voices for Palestine : A Compilation of Existing Petitions

In our pursuit of fostering collective action and amplifying shared concerns, we have meticulously curated a list of existing petitions on the subject at hand. While the specific demands within each petition may vary, the underlying cause unites us all.

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